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In general, the stomatological radiological equipment presents special prevention systems of the harmful effects of the ionising radiations (Rontgen) on the body. Thus the radiation doses accepted by the patient are maintained within the limits of reasonable values. As an additional protection, the patient is also protected by a lead apron. Furthermore, in the case of conventional X-rays, the reading of the image printed on the film can be compromised by the deficient perception of the examiner, due to the multiple grey hues. Our clinic has the latest state of the art equipment in the field of radiology, the area where X-rays are performed being well protected, for the safety of the patients. The clinic is equipped with a modern radiological device that can ensure complex radiological diagnoses.

The X-rays allow the carrying out of complete diagnoses such as:
1. Dental status;
2. Bite-wing X-ray;
3. Retroalveolar X-rays;
4. Periapicale individual X-rays. Radiology – continuation

This device is mobile with flexible arm, ergonomic making thus possible the performance of the X-ray even during the treatment without being necessary to move the patient.


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