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It is the branch of stomatology that deals with the correct repositioning of certain teeth which, due to different causes are not in their correct position. The orthodontic treatment can also have an influence on the facial aspect in the sense of improving it. If until not long ago, orthodontics focused only on children and teenagers, at present, more and more adults resort to orthodontics to solve the problems caused by dental anomalies irrespective of whether these are aesthetical or functional. The orthodontic treatment is made by means of certain devices generally called appliances. These can be mobile, meaning that the patient can take it out and put it on himself or fixed on the teeth and which are removed at the end of the treatment. The orthodontic treatment has a longer duration (2 years on average) and it presupposes periodical visits at the clinic for the activation of the appliance.

Indications for the persons wearing fixed orthodontic appliances:
1. After the appliance has been fixed in the oral cavity, the sensation of tightness on the teeth level appears and in the first days, even pain may occur. It is a law intensity pain and it is a normal phenomenon. If the pain intensity is higher than a light antialgic can be taken. In case the pain is intense, you should contact us by phone. The pain disappears in a couple of days since the appliance was fixed. After each appliance activation there will be a feeling of tightness but in no case will there feel pain;
2. Hygiene is very important, fixed appliances, by the nature of their construction, favour the retention of food and the bacterial plaque on the surfaces of the teeth on which these apply. It is necessary to use the interdental brushes for the cleaning of the dental surfaces on which the elements of the orthodontic appliance are fixed and the faces of the superior and inferior teeth oriented towards the cheeks and lips. The interdental brush will operate around the bracket on the surface of the tooth until the entire bacterial plaque is removed. Normal brushing will be used for the other surfaces. A deficient hygiene can lead to the occurrence of certain demineralisation areas with chalk-white or brown aspect around the bracket or even to tooth decays, sometimes being necessary the premature removal of the orthodontic appliance;
3. For the entire period of treatment with fixed orthodontic appliance, hard food must be avoided (TOAST, PEANUTS, CHIPS, CANDIES CRUSHED IN THE TEETH, etc.),or sticky (CARAMEL CANDIES, CHEWING GUM) that can cause the deterioration of the orthodontic device. Meat, fruit (for example, APPLES) can be cut in small pieces and chewed using the teeth in the posterior area. The non-observance of these indications can lead to the deterioration of the appliance, the consequences being the prolongation in time of the treatment and higher financial costs;
4. Immediately after or even a few days since the application, the elements of the fixed appliance can cause lesions of the soft parts (cheeks, lips, tongue). In this case, the patient will use special wax, which he will apply on the mobile parts of the appliance;
5. After the application of the device, there can be areas that provoke discomfort (it scratches, it stings), these will be solved at the dental clinic in the same appointment. If, after you left the dental clinic, the appliance still causes discomfort, do not wait until you have a new appointment for check-up, contact us by phone;
6. There might be an increase of the saliva secretion, but this will go back to normal in a short time;
7. Initially, the speech will be affected, when you go home the small patient can read aloud several pages from a book. The speech will be back to normal in maximum couple of days;
8. The appliance will be worn permanently. The appliance will not be taken out from the mouth except before eating, it will be cleaned, and put in the special box or other box with rigid walls (soap dish);
9. The cleaning will be made with a nail brush with water and soap. After the patient has finished eating, he will brush his teeth and put back his appliance.


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