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Dental Surgery

It is an intervention that consists in removing a sick tooth, that causes and maintains the local, regional and general pathological processes, which cannot be solved by conservative treatments. The major indications of the dental extraction are given by the complications of cavities and marginal parodontopathies, to which dental and maxillary traumas are added. The teeth with acute or chronic processes on the level of the apical region (the top of a tooth root) nowadays, can be kept by means of preserving endodontic treatment (with paste in the dental channel).

In these cases in which the anatomic particularities or other pathological processes allow the endodontic treatment, auxiliary surgical methods can be used:
1. Periapicale curettage – curettage of the pathological tissues from the top of the root;
2. Apical resection – removal of the top of the root, followed by the curettage of the pathological tissue located around the tooth;
3. Radicular amputation – surgical technique that is used for the preservation of certain molars in which one of the roots is unrecoverable (it has an osteoperiodontal inflammatory process).


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