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Welcome to Sensidentmed Clinic

Visit us and you will preserve your beautiful and healthy smile for a long time!

Founded in 2004, dental clinic Sensidentmed is sited in one of the most renowned areas of the capital city of Romania which is Decebal Boulevard.
With a medical team whose doctor are specialized in all branches of dentistry and auxiliary medical staff, Sensidentmed is prepared to fulfill any of their costumers’ needs.
Our clinic offers a wide variety of services, from Dental esthetics to Implantology. While being surrounded by an ideal ambiance, our team will help you overcome your fear of dentists and with professionalism and honesty it will give you a five-star smile….

It is widely known that sometimes oral health problems are rather ignored, but they have a negative impact on the quality of life. Lower self-esteem and less personal happiness as well as poorer communication and relationships with other people are a few examples. Therefore, day by day, we enjoy the advantages that our activity (based on open-mindedness and innovation) helps us offer the best solutions for your dental health.
Professionalism is the main principle by which we choose to guide our research and personalized treatments for each one of our patients. These treatments are then rigorously applied to guarantee the success of the intervention. As a result of following these medical principles in our clinic and by using advanced techniques and equipment we make every method of treatment possible.
The 12-year experience in our activity determines us to be your faithful partners for health and confort. In other words, the doctors of our clinic guarantee you that no matter what your decision is going to be, you will have access to all necessary information as to reach a conclusion that suits your needs and wishes.

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The Dental Implant

The dental implant is a modern and effective solution with numerous advantages compared to other classical methods used in oral medicine. In case of missing one or more teeth an excellent method of treatment is the dental bridge complemented my implants.

Procedeul chirurgical presupune doua etape:
The surgical procedure involved two steps:
1. The insertion of the pure titan implant in the bone will be separated in a period of time in which the implant will be osseointegrated.
2. The uncovering of the implant and the attachment of the new teeth.


Dental esthetic

Dental esthetics is a stomatological specialty which registers more and more succes as its services are more and more accessible and beneficial for the oral apparatus.
We can all agree that not only rarely are physical aspects improvements the key factors of self-confidence. Moreover, a grin is one of the first characteristics remarked at first sight and that gives us the opportunity of turning beautiful teeth into a glorious business card.


Laser dental therapy

The laser is one of the fanciest surgical and therapeutical gadgets in current technology. A laser extends treatments with withening, pain therapy and soft tissue therapy.


Your wonderful healing solution

A-PRF (Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin) represents the latest medical surgery and implantology technology, shortening the healing time after a surgical intervention by up to 50%. A-PRF is the advanced method of obtaining healing membranes from platelets and growth factors enriched plasma and using them in advanced stomatological procedures.

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