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Do you want a five -stars smile?

5 august 2017


 august 5, 2017
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Do you want a five-star smile?
If your answer to that question is yes, then follow the example of patients who have visited our clinic and shared the joy of smiling with their loved ones thanks to us.
After unpleasant and marking past experiences, with care and professionalism we successfully encouraged our patients to forget and overcome their dentist fears.
These pleased patients shared their thoughts and opinions on the way the Sensident Med team welcomed, treated and cared for them in our clinic with their acquaintances. This is how our doorstep was crossed by patients outside Romania, such as people from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, USA and more.
What do doctors advise us?
The Sensident Med team, a team trained and taught by the Romanian School of Medicine and Dentistry (a school with tradition, acknowledged and appreciated worldwide) applies their knowledge with passion, dedication, calm and skill for each and every patient.
The smile and pleasure of every patient is the satisfaction of our work and it counts immensely more than any advertising.
We are proud that the quality of the services we offer is known not only within our country but outside of it as well.
Thank you dear patients for choosing us to solve your dental problems because it is because of this choice that we continue to do our work the best way possible through time.

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